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Client Testimonials

Bernadette is a gifted massage therapist. She has a calm, strong presence which manifests in her hands during therapy sessions. She listens and treats holistically, conscious of how you are in mind and body. I always leave her sessions relaxed and restored.

Stephanie B


Years of working on a microscope on a daily basis resulted in a stiff neck, tense shoulders, bad posture and the worst – jolting pains down my arms. The first three I could explain but the pain in my arms as it turned out was connected to muscles in my body that I would have never expected. Her professional insight was impressive and the neuromuscular and trigger point treatments worked wonders. She also gave me useful Pilates exercises to practice to improve my posture. I’ve been going back for “maintenance” treatments ever since. Thank you Bernadette. 



Long hours at the computer can cause poor posture and persistent and unwelcome pain – particularly, for me, in the area of my upper back, shoulder blades and neck. A trusted friend referred me to Bernadette’s health and wellbeing clinic to counter the effects with a course of deep tissue massage. What a find! From the moment I met Bernadette, I knew I was in good hands...literally and figuratively! My session always begins with a meaningful consultation, where Bernadette really listens to how I feel on a given day and the areas that are causing most concern. Her personable nature puts me totally at ease and I really appreciate how she can make time slow down to a complete stop for the duration of my sessions!
As a skilled holistic massage therapist, Bernadette is truly one of the best that I’ve experienced at deep tissue massage - she always identifies my knotted muscles within minutes of starting the treatment and uses just the right amount of pressure to break down the knots and knead away the pain. I love how she makes it a truly pampering experience while working out my offending muscles!
With the wonderfully relaxing aromatherapy oils and soft background music, it is no surprise that I leave Bernadette’s health and wellbeing clinic with just that feeling – walking on air with a glorious sense of health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Bernadette as one of the best holistic therapists around.



I have been to Bernadette on numerous occasions and all I can say is that she’s like a surfer riding the waves. She glides across your body with fluidity of stroke, easing out each stress point with professional expertise. The body just goes with her flow. Letting the body rest and recuperate it does not take long to feel rejuvenated and having got rid of those toxins, flying like a kite again! 



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