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Massage and bodywork therapies are hugely beneficial if you suffer from chronic muscular pain or headaches, or if you just need to relax and unwind after a stressful day. There is nothing better than a regular massage to help you feel relaxed, positive and radiant in body, mind and spirit!


Massage is a safe non-threatening, non-invasive natural therapy. The basic goal of massage therapy is to help your body to heal itself and to increase your health and wellbeing. A good massage, comprising best-in-class massage techniques, is an exhilarating experience.


Regular bodywork therapy can help you feel more relaxed, grounded, centred and confident in yourself. This results in a healthier approach to life and often leads to improved relationships and work performance. Regular massage helps to speed up the healing process giving the body a chance to return to normal.



Health Benefits



Receiving massage therapy on a regular basis, Clients report the following health benefits:



  • Stress relief - Massage soothes and relaxes the body and mind and consequently reduces stress levels. Since most diseases are thought to be caused by stress, massage can have an overall positive effect on health. For example, massage can relieve migraines and headaches, lower blood pressure and decrease depression

  • Eases and rejuvenates painful muscles and helps muscles to relax

  • Comforts - massage can communicate comfort and give a sense of being present with another. Touch can give a sense of security and well-being to a person and result in psychological as well as physical benefits

  • Stimulates and improves circulation

  • Aids digestion and waste removal

  • Improves posture and flexibility

  • Strengthens the immune system

    For more information about massage therapy, see this research website:


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